Remembering the energy…

I first came across Fatoumata Diawara at a Woman of the world event at London’s Royal Festival Hall in 2013 she was performing on a bill that also included Angelique Kidjo. Both artists brought a special West African energy to the stage that evening getting everyone out of their seats dancing. I got the opportunity to see Fatoumata again at the Roundhouse in London recently and she was fabulous as the last time I saw her bringing energy and consideration of serious issues to the venue. The audience was bouncing to her vibe, she is a great entertainer! I look forward to seeing a show of hers again. 

Some people never recognise it…

It’s been a while since I last posted a song for a Sunday! I have been inspired by seeing a number of live performances recently and have a few of my favourite songs/videos to share in the coming weeks. First up is Beverley Knight! what a performer! so much energy and a great voice. It was lovely to hear some of the old tunes and new ones. I am looking forward to seeing her again soon.

Summer Adventures: Manchester

This summer I spent a week travelling north, first stop was Manchester, a city l lived in as a student and have returned to as a visitor many times since.

I was happy to revisit the Whitworth Art Gallery and really enjoyed spending time in the cafe and visit the refurbished central library, the last time I was in the city was a few years ago.

Whitworth Gallery Cafe, Manchester

My primary reason to visit having looked up current exhibitions was to see the “Parliament of Ghosts” by Ibrahim Mahama.

It was an impressive exhibition providing a lot to think about and review I like the parliament installation made up of bus seats. The Whitworth is a lovely gallery and I enjoy coming to Manchester to visit (See my previous visits here). I also visited The Manchester art gallery, where I came across Halima Cassell exhibition “Virtues of unity” Halima is an artist and Sculptor, I really enjoyed exploring and getting to know her work.

I stayed one night at the ibis Manchester Centre Portland Street originally booked via it was a great location from the train station an access the city centre.

Weekly Photo Challenge Review: Endurance – Standing stones, Orkney (September 2014)

Reviewing some of my favourite photos from the former Daily Post Photo Challenge.

I really enjoyed my trip to Orkney and plan to visit again in the near future. A recent trip to Stonehenge brought back memories of the standing stones I encountered in Orkney.


A stone has been carved out of the earth and now stands before us.
Lasting the distance.
Standing firm.
Reaching the end point, here
despite setbacks.

Standing stones inspire wonder,
I wonder why?
But the stone is silent
or is it?

A permanent reminder of what has gone before
but the records have been lost.
A neolithic art installation ?
Enduring much much longer
than the artist could have imagined…

Lasting the distance,
standing firm.
Reaching the end point, here
despite setbacks.
A stone has been carved out of the earth and now stands before us.

I took part in the Daily post weekly photo challenge, check out other entries here.

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Weekly photo challenge Review: Rule of Thirds (February 2015)

Reviewing some of my favourite photos from the former Daily Post Photo Challenge. Remembering a mini family day out with my twin sisters and niece who was very scared of the moving dinosaur (very funny!).

Entrance to Natural History Musuem, London

This is my entry for the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds

Weekly Photo Challenge Review: Threes (February 2014)

Reviewing some of my favourite photos from the former Daily Post Photo Challenge.

A street performance at the Edinburgh Festival 2013.

One of the best things about the Edinburgh festival is the wide range of street performers keeping the passing crowds entertained.

I took part in The Daily Post @ weekly photo challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge Review: One shot, Two ways (August 2013)

Reviewing some of my favourite photos from the former Daily Post Photo Challenge.

On a recent trip to Edinburgh, a friend recommended a visit to see this lovely installation “Wind Pipes for Edinburgh” by Sarah Kenchington, artist and musician.



Recycling decommissioned organ pipes sourced from salvage yards and eBay, Kenchington has constructed a fully interactive instrument.

Recycled organ Pipes!

Recycled organ Pipes!

The bellows are used to force air through the pipes which have individual levers enabling the participant to create a single note and or tune if they are so inclined!

Weekly Photo Challenge Review: Lines and Patterns (September 2013)

Reviewing some of my favourite photos from the former Daily Post Photo Challenge. It’s a wonderful walk along memory lane remembering my favourite places and the people I was with.

Set within Pollok Country Park the Burrell Collection building is one I have visited many times.  The cafe is a lovely place to sit, contemplate the many objects and artworks collected by Sir William Burrell.

Light floods in

Light floods in

On the ground floor walking through the exhibition space, you are constantly reminded of the setting and the closeness of nature surrounding the building.

Recently I watched “Tiger Tales” (6+), a show at Glasgow’s Platform venue the performances were great and I really loved the set, a square frame encased in a framework of string attached to buckets at the top designed by American artist Fred Pommerehn.

Buckets and lines

Buckets and lines

Finally a fundraising evening event on the other side of Pollok Country Park the lights where high above the barn where we danced the night away.

Barn lights

Barn lights