Hello 2021,

I want to continue to practice self-care in the coming weeks and months. I’ve made a list of things I want to do without setting any limits and continue to tick things I never expected to complete off. ( I keep returning to the list to add new activities and adventures). The year 2020 saw me exploring my local area, trees in the park began to appear like never before. They weren’t just part of the landscape but they were silent observers. Recently I watched the music video to “Green Garden” by Laura Mvula it highlights the joy of being outdoors. I am looking forward to my next walk in nature, how about you?

I also reread “O that Abstract Garden” a poem by Ben Okri, it felt timely at the start of a new year.

Self – awareness

Hello 2021,

I’d like to gain or practice more self-awareness in the coming days, weeks and months. The following lines from the poem “The pigeon-hole“, by Mabel Segun really stood out when reading it again recently

“But self-knowledge comes too late

And by the time I’ve known myself

I am no longer what I was.

Once you begin (being more self-aware), you start the process of change so its not something that should hold you back but propel you forwards, we are always late for something but have the ability to turn things around to our advantage. Opportunities lost become opportunities for self reflection and to refocus on other aspects, creating space and time to achieve what we truly require.

Acceptance is the first precursor to real change” Susan David


Hello 2021!

The sky is the limit!

Live life like there ain’t no ceiling!

Boundaries don’t stop us but they do stop others. It’s easy to let other peoples fears, concerns and judgements affect us if we are not able to manage our boundaries. Sometimes you can be unaware, except you are, its the prickly feeling of irritation you try to ignore or has long faded to the background as you battle to state your point of view either verbally or when you talk to yourself. This tactic hasn’t made any difference until that is you stated where your boundaries lie and the push back dissipated. Your voice was clearly given the space it needed to soar and resonate with those who chose to listen or were waiting to hear what you had to say all along.


Hello 2021,

How do should I maintain consistency when faced with so much uncertainty. Can I reach for an anchor? How? I try to focus on the positive place I want to be in a day/week/month. I might write it down in a journal, visualise it and/or draw it. Then I think of the small steps I might need to get to that place or feeling. Taking that first small step as soon as possible.

Recently I tried came across this exercise: for 90 seconds write down everything you know to be true? then write if I believe X is true then whats true now. (1)

How to do you feel? Being consistent I feel shouldn’t feel forced its okay to take a break when required but I have to keep reminding myself of the anchors that make the process of achieving the goal worthwhile. How do you manage to maintain consistency? What anchors you?



Hello 2021!

Last year was an exercise in reviewing my motivation when things took an unexpected turn my motivation was in the spot light. How to progress when the landscape changes so much? the usual steps are no longer possible you wake up from the usual routine you had followed almost unquestioningly and consider where you are and where you want to be. Even if the end appears malleable you still have to think you will get some where. So you take small steps, test the firmness of your existence? What got you here, might not get you to the next step. Its possible you might need some new tools. What new tools did you discover or rediscover?

P.S. This short video by Dr Heidi Grant really resonated with me.


Hello 2021!

There is no doubt that 2020 was a challenging year. We had to deal with a global pandemic and the many unforeseen effects it had on our personal lives, the lives of family members and our communities. With 2020 disappearing into the distance I think doing a couple of challenges to start the year is a good way for me to take control of what the the new year has in store for me to some degree. This January I am taking part in the January Challenge 2021 from 64 Million Artists. What challenges will you take part in?

P.S. Another challenge starting soon (11th January) is the Activate 2021.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Shine

Looking back at these images, I realise they represent memories of good times I spent with my dad. These difficult times remind you how important it is to cherish the moments with loved ones when you can.

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My entries for this Week’s challenge, Shine

shiny-tea-pot-2 Tea pot at Comptoir Libanais

shiny-tubes-saatchi-2 Perspex rolls by Julia Dault at the Saatchi Gallery

wooden-propeller Wooden propeller at RAF Museum London

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