All you need crockery and Standing Stones Exhibition

NADFLY Crockery obtained when I attended  All You Need – a dinner for invited guests to explore concepts of sufficiency and rituals around food hosted by multi-disciplinary artist Nicola Atkinson (NADFLY). It was a lovely summers evening , the sun streamed into the 1873 Hall as we ate fresh veg, cheese, freshly baked bread and sipped our cold beer.

1873 Hall, The Briggait, Glasgow

1873 Hall, The Briggait, Glasgow

As guests we were involved in excavating a hand made bowl, cup and spoon set made by Nicola enabling us to continue the experience in our own homes.

We excavated the sets from two locations within wooden bases of two paintings by Victoria Evans exhibiting in the Hall providing a ritualistic atmosphere to the proceedings that evening. The aim is to meet again in a few months at Nicola’s home to discuss again over dinner our experiences using our bowl, cup and spoon at meal times.

The All You Need dinner was one of the events accompanying the “Standing Stones” exhibition by Glasgow based artist Victoria Evans, her first major show.

Standing Stones an  installation of new large scale paintings, arranged in the manner of ancient stone monuments. Taking a process-led approach, with representation of the human face as its starting point, Victoria invites the audience to celebrate universal themes of impermanence, mortality and ritual art, and also to leave their own mark on the evolving exhibition.


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