The 3rd Ghanaian Literature Week, November 11 – 17, 2013

What a great idea! I am really interested to learn more about Ghanaian literature.

Kinna Reads

Ghana Flag 2

(The Week has started! A list of all posts for the week is here: The 3rd Ghanaian Literature Week)

Ghanaian Literature Week is back this year!  This will be its 3rd rendition; I started it in 2010, ran it again in 2011, and skipped it, regrettably, in 2012.  I plan on hosting the week, perhaps expanding it to a fortnight or a month, each year for as long as I actively blog.

This year’s reading event is scheduled for Monday, November 11th – Sunday, November 17th.

I plan on focusing on the work of Kojo Laing, a couple of poets and maybe reviewing a play.

Everyone is invited to participate.  The guidelines for participation remain the same as those in 2011:

  • ‘Read one or more works by a Ghanaian author or an author of Ghanaian descent
  • Both fiction and non-fiction works are allowed
  • All forms…

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