The causeway

Choose a place to which you’d like to be transported if you could and tell us the back story.
Organise your post around the description of a setting.



Viewed from the mainland it’s an isolated plug of rock accessible via a narrow causeway when the tide goes out. For me the Island has a magnetic pull willing me to cross over. Once over I feel isolated and as if I could step back in time wondering through the ruins of the 7th Century settlement.
Dipping my toe into possible danger, I think about missing the tide coming in and being stranded on the island taking my chances with the elements. The Causeway is covered by the meeting of the North Atlantic and Norwegian Sea. On an uneventful stay, the only problem might be the sea birds at day break. An eventful stay, a battle, due to the lack of shelter the island provides from the elements.
On this sunny calm day with an eye on the time, looking north at the endless sea I enjoy this special place.


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