Weekly photo challenge: Descent – Looking down

Views from the balcony at the Tate Modern; the people below are mixture of performers/cast members (part of an art installation by Tino Sehgal) who interacted with the public as they wandered through the space. When I went below a member the cast began to talk to me about a his memories of his aunts’ house in Malaysia and drawing water from the well. It was a really surreal experience.
For more views from above and unusual happenings in public spaces check out my images from a dance performance at the Museum of Scotland.

These images are in response to the Daily post Weekly photo challenge: Descent


5 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Descent – Looking down

    • Thanks for dropping by. It is a great space. I also liked the Weather installation. I have some photos on an old phone which I keep in the hope that one day I’ll figure out how to download the images, it uses old blue tooth technology that doesn’t seem to be in use anymore.


  1. I think the Tate and art parted company some years ago … when they hung a dead horse from the ceiling as a ‘work of art’.

    At the time it was a bad lambing season in NZ, I emailed the Tate and said that if interested the fields here were filled with works of art; and if they’d meet the costs I could gather and post them some—?

    They never replied so the art rotted where it fell and was never properly appreciated by the connoisseurs. A pity …


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