Chimamanda Adichie: I see you..

I came across this revealing and insightful video interview with Chimamanda Adichie a few week ago on the Brittle Paper: An African Literary Blog. The video originates from the Louisiana Channel on Vimeo – consisting of weekly videos on art, literature, architecture, design, music produced by the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. The video reminds me of a play I once saw in during the Edinburgh festival one year a theatre group of 5 or 6 black women from America came to perform a show about black women hairstyles. I’ve tried to research it many times but so far have not managed to find any information about it. It focused on the some of the themes it seems her new book covers and also those covered by Chris Rock in his documentary “Hair”. The search continues…

Chimamanda’s most recent book “Americanah” is at the top of a long list of books I’d like to read this year. I have been following her progress since reading her debut novel “Purple Hibiscus”. A novel which brings to life the experiences of a young girl growing in a modern Nigeria. I identified with some of the Nigerian family dramas through my own experiences and those whose stories I had been familiar with through other sources growing up in a Nigerian household.

Reading about her in the press always takes me back to the time when I had the opportunity to interview her for a festival radio station about 8 years ago. The opportunity had arisen following on from working as a volunteer with Media Education’s Festival Radio Project and on Community Voice, a community youth radio project. Contacts made the previous year on the project following on from the environmentally focused youth radio project meant that I got to hear about getting involved with the festival radio station “Festival Fm” (run by students and experienced radio broadcasters). As you can imagine it was a great experience to look at the festival programme and be able to make up a wish list of authors that you would like to meet and interview. I was lucky enough to secure an interview with Chimamanda and despite my rookie error of forgetting to switch the record button on! I managed to record a second interview and get a brief insight into her life then as an emerging writer.


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