Nollywood experience

During a family trip to Nigeria last year I got to see firsthand Nigeria’s home grown movie industry in action. I had opted to stay behind whilst my sisters went to explore the Lagos markets in search of a few last minute bargains. I went to sit by the indoor hotel pool to catch up on some work.The spot I choose was close to a power point for my tablet and phone. Whilst walking to my seat I spotted a film crew filming in the room just off from the pool area on the right. About 20 minutes later the film crew moved to the pool area, fans and equipment were brought very close to the table as the action moved to the bar area to the left of the pool. As the actors and director prepared for the next scene the writer/ producer and sound engineer both reassured me that there was no need to move from my location. I was very interested to watch the filming so was happy to be distracted from my work. Whilst the scenes were being set up I got talking to the production team about how they got into filming. The sound recordist had previously worked in finance but had given it up to work in film. The Writer/ producer had begun making videos whilst attending university.

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