Memories of New York (BUNAC Orientation, Part 1 )

Stepping out into streets that were unfamiliar and yet very familiar with their wide expanse and well-known yellow cabs. We had been let loose that afternoon to explore the city the next day we would be all making our own journeys to the cities and towns that would be our homes for the rest of the summer. A few hours earlier my companions and I had met for breakfast in Columbia University’s breakfast room despite most of us arriving late the night before and just beginning to adjust to the time difference we all had plenty to say. Breakfast consisted of a buffet including scrambled eggs, hash browns, toast and crispy bacon.

The people at the breakfast table had come from all parts of the UK. Some were students, teachers and new graduates. I suppose it just goes to show how large America is that no two people were going to the same city. Some had plans to go to the west coast others to stay in the east others were going south. Maria had plans to write postcards to herself whilst travelling an idea I liked but didn’t think I would have the discipline to do myself but it did get me thinking about starting a diary of my travels.


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