Memories of New York (BUNAC Orientation, Part 2)

Today was orientation day. The room was full of young people embarking on various types of working holidays in America. Although tired, we were all excited by the prospect of what lay ahead over the next few month. Two friends were staying longer in New York to experience the 4th July celebrations. My journey would take me to Ocean City, Maryland but first orientation; it was a requirement of our student working visas. A few hours to learn about how to navigate our way through New York City, the rest of America and our many adventures ahead.
Orientation was delivered by a young guy who was obviously very well travelled and relaxed. I remember thinking that he had a great job living in New York getting to meet travellers and helping them on their way. He went through legal stuff, what to do if certain problems occurred like if the job we had arranged months earlier turned out not to be what we expected; how to change employer and location. He also covered security issues, we needed to be street smart as in most major cities. It was not uncommon to hear stories of seemingly friendly locals offering help only to disappear with your luggage. He reminded us that we were embarking on an adventure that could be life changing but to be aware that some laws in America were slightly different from the UK for example the legal drinking age of 21.

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