Memories of New York (BUNAC Orientation, Part 3)

After the orientation our group that had formed over breakfast made plans to explore together. Andrew our natural leader had spent the last couple of summers in the city and offered to show us the sites. I think we all felt lucky that we didn’t have to get our guide books out but could just relax and enjoy a leisurely tour with an enthusiastic guide who was willing to share his knowledge and experiences. If you have ever been to New York or any of the major American cities you’ll recognise the landscapes immediately. So many TV shows and films seem to have been set in this amazing city. Our journey began with a subway ride with some busking New York style. Two brilliant rappers got on the stop after us placed a leather cap on the floor and started their performance. It was a surreal beginning to our trip unfortunately have only recently arrived I didn’t have any small change so couldn’t give them any coins but we showed our appreciation.

One thought on “Memories of New York (BUNAC Orientation, Part 3)

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