Journal Entry #10

I am a big fan of the Tonight show and really enjoyed this post about the authors trip to see the show live.



I love the tonight show. Jimmy Fallon has taken over late night this past year, making trips to the city all the more exciting. My friends and I have been a part of his studio audience twice now since December. We have also been to Seth Meyers twice before that. Rockefeller Center feels like a home away from home, in a way.


Mit Romney was the first guest. Surprisingly, he wasn’t as boring as I expected him to be. they did a funny sketch where Mit was talking to himself in the mirror, worrying himself over the interview. They also threw a few cracks at his loosing the 2008 election, which I personally found hysterical.

Grace Helbig was there too. While I’m not a ginormous fan, my roommate is. She even got a wink from her as Grace exited the stage. I love it.

Jimmy killed it as always, his…

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