What my father does when he is angry–Soyinka’s son

An interesting viewpoint…

Moonchild's Temple

Olaokun Soyinka Olaokun Soyinka

Olaokun Soyinka is the first son of Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka. A medical doctor and most recently the Ogun State commissioner for health, Olaokun talks about the Soyinka that people don’t know, having to share his father with the world and lots more. It was  great interviewing Ola and I hope you enjoy it.

First published in Daily Trust, July 18, 2015.



Away from the public eye, what is WS really like?

He is probably quieter and more private and solitary than people might expect. He needs his space. Once you think about the nature of his work, the need to read, absorb, analyse, write and talk on so many topics, then it becomes obvious that he would need a lot of thinking time. His pastimes reflect this. Going hunting alone or playing chess against the computer.

When he is ready to socialise, for example at…

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