Reblog:”Being African: What does hair have to do with it? – The BBC”

Great post about the authors hair journey! During my visit to Nigeria last year I went to a mega church one Sunday. There were a lot of things that really stood out for me including the building design (Photos? Sadly lost with my 2 month old camera!) Coming out of the service and waiting for my sister, my other sister and I were able to people watch and observe an exciting range of hairstyles on display which made me smile with appreciation.

Discourse on African women’s hair, rightly so, is always coming up in the news; it has on this blog.  While those who really know this blogger see her in afro, wigs and, in the distant past of the 1980s in “stressed tress” – to quote a regular contributor to this blog, I think the discussion must always be on. 

While I subscribe greatly to “To thyself be true”, I also believe a continuous airing of hair angst of the African woman is felt more by the White race than by those really “concerned” but it is also true that African women and those of African descent everywhere have succumbed too much to the dominant culture of the White race.

The cultural domination has been so total that even what Africans consider beautiful in our women like “some” flesh is now looked upon as “not good looking”!

Whenever I tell some…

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