I write because….

I enjoy creating space, a space for ideas, thoughts that may be bubbling to the surface of my consciousness. Things that come to mind that would be difficult to start a conversation about because it’s just a sparkle of an idea, not yet formed with a meaning that I could communicate through my brand of me. Because it’s a go back and think about it later moment.
When visiting relatives in Nigeria a few years ago I was surprised to learn that my dad had written a novel/book. At home, he would write in a notebook in his special shorthand. Growing up I would ask what he was writing about he would reply that it was “just thoughts” about his day. To hear that he had attempted to write a novel/book was a real eye-opener.
On my return I quizzed him about it, the novel was a draft that no longer existed. But the everyday activity that was just something dad did took on new meaning from then on. I understood that he was capturing his thoughts, distilling ideas in a disciplined way.
These days I often talk over my writing ideas/ projects with my dad to get a new insight or to ask questions about Yoruba proverbs/ words. In his late 80’s he is still writing and at the moment has one or two writing projects on the go. So I write because I know it’s in my blood taking me to places unknown. In writing this blog I’ve learnt about ideas memories and activities I was previously unaware of. It’s enabled me to take in more of the world around me, experience new places, generated ideas for photographs and writing projects. Creating blog posts has taken me on along creative avenues I didn’t know existed. I’ve enjoyed the places I’ve been able to visit physically and virtually through the wonders of the World Wide Web!

A few years ago!

Dad and me.


7 thoughts on “I write because….

  1. Reading this, I got a clear picture of a tree whose roots have dug deeply, while the branches have stretched and spread, fed by the magic of communication. A lovely, evocative post.
    I like the name “glasgowmango” too. It conjures up interesting pictures.

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  2. I like your reasons for writing and I like the story about your father. It is somehow sad that part of his writing is gone, but I whish you will have a long time to spend with him and learn more from his experiences. Best whishes, Eva

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