Write a list

Things I like…

Long walks on the beach any time of year
Walking in the Scottish highlands with friends
Spending an afternoon in a National art gallery or science centre
Watching the world go by at a window seat in Café Lucano in Edinburgh on George IV Bridge
Visiting prehistoric archaeological sites
Travelling to small Islands
Boat rides on calm sea days
Driving on long road trips
Driving north along the Scottish coast
Balloons in unexpected places
Baking bread
Cooking for friends and family
Scrambled eggs on toast
Travelling by train
Making salads
Home-made pizza
Visiting old libraries
Singing show tunes with friends
Eating ice cream on a hot day
Watching a good theatre play
Learning a new language
Reading a good book on a rainy day
Playing tennis
Long bike rides somewhere scenic
Going for a run on a sunny morning
Chunky vegetable soup
Going to life-drawing classes
Visiting family
Watching Agents of shield
Well organised picnics

Installation by Charles Pétillon

“Balloons in unexpected places” Heartbeat installation by Charles Pétillon


8 thoughts on “Write a list

  1. I saw your post in the Writing101 commons. I am getting the impression that you are from Glasgow. I just paid a visit to Scotland a few weeks ago and only had 2 days in Glasgow, but I loved it! I visited the Highlands and Loch Ness and I can see why scenic adventures in Scotland made your list. I also noticed that you like bike rides somewhere scenic, well if you ever make it to Amsterdam, there is a place called Zaanse Schans nearby. It is about a 20 minute bus ride from Amsterdam, but cycling around that town was one of my favorite experiences on my trip.

    Would love to hear your feedback on my Day 2 list: https://whistlewhileyouwalk.wordpress.com/2015/09/08/bucket-list/


    • Thanks for taking time to comment. I am originally from London and have been living in Scotland for over 10 years and really enjoy it, although at the moment I am away. Bike rides in Amsterdam sounds great, I went there with school at the time I didn’t know how to ride a bike! So would love to go back now that I am a much more competent cyclist, will put Zaanse Schans on my list!
      I liked your list and lived near Glasgow Green for a couple of years the sound of bagpipes wound find its way into the flat during the championships. It always seemed like a fun event 🙂


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