Writing 101 Day 5: Let social media inspire you

It’s that time in the morning when nobody else is a wake yet because we are out in the open it’s very quiet. The sun has just risen and I can’t just keep still. Unzipping the tent’s entrance I look out to see if it’s as warm outside as it is in the tent. I am disappointed because it’s not, the sun is up but it will be awhile before it’s warm. I grab my jacket and boots, I was looking forward to an early morning walk too much to be put off. Putting my hands in my pockets I find my woolly hat and gloves. We had an early night after our 13 mile hike, the boys were sleeping soundly but I was feeling restless.

Marko was convinced that were almost at the end of our quest. I was less hopeful, what seemed like a plentiful supply two weeks ago seemed to be diminishing quickly. I estimated we had 2 -3 days’ worth of food left and serious need of transport if we were to meet the quest deadline. Marko, Steve and Paul were still in good spirits my estimations didn’t seem to worry them. I was beginning to question whether I was over reacting. Two months ago when I agreed to do the quest I was full of adventure and up for the challenge. At lot had happened since then; Marko and I had almost broken up but then we decided that the quest was just what our relationship needed. Fresh air, time to rediscover all those things we loved, liked about each other. If things weren’t going so well we had the others to lighten the mood. At least that was the theory. Steve was our friend from University and Paul his visiting cousin who took time to warm up to. I not really sure what he was doing on the quest he had little idea of how to survive without his home comforts.

In the distance I hear movement in the camp, someone else must be up too. I move my head around and complete my morning stretches. I do feel better more able to tackle the day ahead. “A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence” was our most recent clue and we had spent most of last night discussing what we thought it meant. Steve thought about the action of water on rocks, in neutral, acidic and alkaline environments. Marko thought it was less complicated than that. He also thought the persistence was an indication that the quest was almost over. I was less certain to me the significance of persistence was meant to spur us on just like the river.

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