Writing 101 Day 6: The Space to write

Choosing a space to write depends on a number of factors. What stage I am during the writing process;

  • Ideas
  • Further development
  • First draft
  • Review
  • Polishing

At the ideas stage a warm coffee shop working with a low hum of activity in the background. This can be any time of day. Ideally a café with a window seat or booth seat with a good view of what’s going on. In Edinburgh Café Lucano, in Glasgow I like Tinderbox in Merchant City I wrote a rough draft of “walk with me through the rain” sitting in one of the window seats  happy I was inside on a rainy afternoon. If I am working on further development of an idea somewhere very quiet is ideal, the local reference library or the kitchen table early in the morning or late at night. The next stages can be in a café or somewhere quieter depending on how much time I have. Previously my café/Coffee shop visits would consist of a latte or mocha with some type of cake but lately I’ve been cutting down on both, now it’s a peppermint tea and the occasional biscuit. I don’t have a fixed place because I am generally trying to fit my writing around the other things in my like and I enjoy the creative aspects of attempting to do this.


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