Writing 101 Day 13: Compose a series of vignettes

He would often say, “My life was never difficult from the start, I had two loving parents, three siblings and an extended family who gathered together often”

This style of living wasn’t something he recreated in our family.

I was taught the lessons of life from an early age, hard work, respect and patience were my fathers watchwords.


He never had the time.

His business took off  early, he was still in his 20’s and although he found time to get married twice and father 4 children his focus was on the business. All that stuff about lifestyle balance was never really talked about in those days. Work hard, play hard was a mantra that he followed feeling it was a natural progression from his parents ethos of hard work, the respect and patience fell to the wayside.


The wives he chose had completely different family experiences from him which at one time he said was intriguing. He thought he could reel off the formula to a happy family life and it would be so. There was never the right mix.

Occasionally there seemed to be a lot of effort but little reward.

A week from now I’ll be in Buenos Aires he will be surrounded by his children, grandchildren and ex-wives, He’ll be 67. Five months ago he had a heart bypass operation. Three months ago I dropped by his house and suggested we make plans for his birthday. I had been reading horoscopes the day before, if I read them I have to read them all. As a list of ideas they are useful insights regardless of your star sign and it’s always possible to pick one that you can work with. I told him I had been inspired by what I had read. He was happy to see me, to talk, it took his mind off things.


The evening began with a tango dance in the city square as the sun began to set he was surrounded by family and friends.


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