Writing 101 Day 14: Recreate a single day


After Tony’s dad speech it’s hard to imagine how anyone could top his welcome. Clare however, is something else, she introduces a short film she directed of all our friends who couldn’t make.

The first few bars of “Save tonight” by Eagle Eye Cherry begin to play and the clip of us behind the bar in our “Rock on the Green” t-shirts flashes on the screen. At that moment I am taken back to those carefree days when the future felt really unknown. The tight corset of my dress begins to feel less than comfortable and brought back to the present day for a moment. I’ll have to remember to get someone help loosen it before the evening session. A picture of Clare and me on the “Maid of the mist” wearing those plastic ponchos they give out.

This day is about new beginnings but it’s impossible not to look back and assign meaning to the events in the past that brought me here. Clare tells a funny anecdote about the trip mentioning Chris. Tony squeezes my hand for support, it is a happy day and it’s natural for me to think of Chris and I am glad Clare hasn’t left him out of her speech. She catches my eye I smile but feel my eyes water. Towards the end of the table I can see Jack he looks sleepy but Ronnie, my sister is taking care of him.

Marcia is on screen, she, Tom and Alex begin to sing a song that they had written about Tony, Jack and me. It’s very funny, Tom and Marcia have written warm, funny, witty and intelligent lyrics.

Clare is reading one of my poems, it’s the one I wrote for her and Simon, it’s about finding love ad moving on with your life. Tony grabs my hand, we smile. On the screen is a picture of Tony, Jack and me taken last summer we are sitting on the veranda of my uncle’s place taking refuge from the mid afternoon sun. Clare’s speech is the final one of the day, after making sure everybody’s glass is full, Tony’s dad stands to make a toast. As Jack sleepily comes to stand between me and Tony the toasts begin and I realise I am looking forward to the future, fitting in, standing out we will be on this adventure called life together no matter where we live.


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