Writing 101 Day 15: Take a cue from your readers

Memories of New York (BUNAC Orientation, Part 4 )

Next was the empire state building, we continued to talk about our plans for the next 3 months as we queued to get in to the building past security then in to the special  lift that takes you straight up to the  observatory on the 86th floor.  My hearing was still a bit muffled from the flight less than 48 hours ago and it wasn’t until we got into the lift that my hearing returned to normal.  At the top we could survey the city we had on just got acquainted with Andy our guide pointed out parts of the city Soho a really cool and Trendy part of town and we zoomed in onto areas with the fixed binoculars that were dotted around the observatory deck.

Afterwards we walked through the city soaking in the atmosphere we went past The Trump towers plaza of trump towers and then on through Central park. It appeared like an oasis in this modern city quiet, green, water flowing and lush trees muffling the streets sound. Did I mention that is was a glorious day too? The sun was shining we all had our shades and summer clothes on. I think the luck we had in finding someone who knew the city so well and the way we all got on because we were all starting new adventures was a great start to my 3 months in the USA.

Part 1

Part 2

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