Writing 101 Day 16: Search your Stats for a post idea

The sea eats the land at home” by Kofi Awoonor, a look at my stats reveals that this poem is a very popular post. From the information on searches I can see that the title of the poem is a common search term, I first noticed this earlier in the year.

The following is a list of thoughts and ideas that come to mind when rereading the poem.

Strong images of a coastal town in Ghana devastated by flooding.

In general the sea is a friendly neighbour washing in and out, keeping to the natural boundaries of dry land and sea, a change in season always brings the risk of a stronger current, a sea with more energy, higher waves, more volume.

I think of what is missing, a flood defence, physical and structural.

I am reminded of a school trip to the Thames barrier.

I first came across the this poem in the Penguin book of Modern African Poetry published in 1963.

In the UK currently there is the Floodline, each local authority has a flood map, areas are assigned with risk levels from floods.

I type “flooding in Ghana” into the Google search engine and find out – Flooding is still is a major problem in Ghana, the most recent floods occurred in June 2015.

Another search reveals the poet who unfortunately is no longer with us was killed during the 2013 Westgate Shopping Mall attack in Nairobi. He was in Kenya to perform at the Storymoja festival.

What comes to mind when you read this poem?


Let me know your thoughts, leave a few words...

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