Writing 101 Day 17: Mine your own material.

Dear H,

Thanks for your letter glad to hear things are so much better.

Yes, I remember the venue but I don’t think you saw that show with me. The show we saw was “It was John Moran and his neighbour Saori” but she was missing. John told us that she had broken her foot and had been unable to take part. I remember is was a late show and thinking how a two man show could be presented as a one man show. Do you remember he had help with a during a couple of sketches? from a member of stage crew or production team. I got the feeling that we saw a significantly different show but it was good. I came out thinking that if I ever got the chance to see the show again with the missing Saori I would definitely try to go.

I don’t think I ever told you but the show toured again a few years ago. When I first moved to west I lived a short 5 minute walk away from Glasgow’s Arches Arts Venue. Walking past one day I picked up a program and I found out it was on. So I got to see finally see the full show with both John Moran and Saori. Saori’s presence definitely added a different dimension to the show.  It was still a refreshingly different performance, playing with sound and repetition. I found a film on you tube about John Moran, artist and composer you should check it out. Some of the scenes like the McDonald sketch are one it too.The film provides a lot of answers to some of the questions I had after watching the show.

The Arches is no more sadly it went into administration over the summer. My first visit was on a mini Ocean City (Work America) reunion before living in Glasgow or Scotland had been a consideration. I remember bongo band, night time haircuts on offer, the toilets that first visit were an unexpected long line of toilet white cubicles under the exposed brickwork of a railway arch. A reminder of the size of the venue. There’s a song on Bjork’s Debut album recorded in a toilet for acoustic effect that I always associated with these toilets in particular. The long line to use them on a busy night would years later be the place to catch up with people I knew, random acquaintances or old friends.

I am not sure what will happen to it now it’s a great space, I have happy memories of seeing and taking part in a wide range of arts events there.

Look at the time! This was just a quick hello

We must catch up soon.


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