Are you comfortable in your skin? Are you comfortable in the skin your in?

Is there an option to change?  Texture? Thickness? Colour? Like that particular type of lizard that blends into its surroundings minimising its chances of discovery. Lenny, the lizard spends his time in the sun, silently soaking up its rays. He tip toes lightly from a dark rock, its hot you know! He moves quickly with a speedy agility, reminding me of his fragility. Admire his ability to climb walls and hang upside down on the ceiling, I think of the lightness of his skin and then, the regular shedding of scaly skin; and then of steroid skin cream soaking in, then a few days later flaky scaly skin.

The angry heat rash I got every summer as a child, I often wished I could swap skin then.

This is my response to Blogging Univeristy, Writing 201, poetry Day 3: Skin, Prose, Internal rhyme challenge


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