Reblog: Modern Dance in Music Videos

I really enjoy seeing modern dance in videos, this post gives great insight into music videos and dance.

All The Modern Dances

Every so often a music video surfaces that makes the rounds in my dancer circles, accompanied by massive praise. “It’s so nice to see dance like this in mainstream media,” is the common platitude. The most recent one is the newest Carrie Underwood, Something in the Water. This video is far from rare; it is the embodiment of dance in mainstream media. It is flashy, self-involved, overproduced, and overly technical. It’s a So You Think You Can Dance routine, not an Alvin Ailey masterpiece.

More often than not dance in popular media tanks artistically but soars in popularity, just like Underwood’s video. Why is this? I liken it to a romantic comedy: you know it’s a little off and yet you can’t help but watch. Romantic comedies smooth the world around us into palatable morsels, lulling us into acquiescent stupor. It all turns out OK for Jennifer Garner, so it…

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