Reblog: My DIY Writing Retreat

Great ideas for DIY retreats.

Live to Write - Write to Live

Recently Deb talked about creating your own writing residency. *Sigh* a whole WEEK devoted to writing. Oh I get all a twitapated just thinking about it, but for now, with two active kids and a husband with an insane travel schedule, a week away devoted solely to my writing is just not feasible. For now, I squeeze my writing getaways in where I can.

Last spring, I attended the New England Romance Writer’s Conference and stayed an extra night to write. It was lovely. Last month, the only week my husband was home, I traveled to Detroit for work. I extended the trip by a day and a half and devoted that time to writing. I’m thrilled to say I added more than 8,000 words to my work in progress. There were a couple of key factors that make these little writing retreats work for me.

My writer's perch (a long couch in the hotel room, my "view" of the parking garage, an original Olga with fries and wine with cookies.

Location, location, location!


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