Revisit 0.1 – Writing 201 Poetry day 2: Gift, Acrostic, Simile

Reading between the lines
Energy flow fluctuates.
Could it be?
In another life,
Empty promises are concealed in soft pastel wrapping
Volatile outbursts precede the emergence of pastel wrapped boxes, heart shaped cards.
Enabling control
Deflating the bubble of joy that had begun.

With a move to warmer climes
I invite more light in, the darkness slips away;
Taking with it the bad memories and any trace of controlling forces.
Heart free, finally.

Love yourself! more shout the books, it’s been that same page for months now.
Oh, your words arrive just in time like a cool wind
Velvety and soft
Eyes close as your energy wills me on.


One of the things I enjoyed most about taking part last year in the Blogging University poetry 201 last year was the challenge of creating poetry inspired by the daily workshops. I often found myself jotting a few ideas, drafting a poem and then a few days later completing and posting. It was great to see the different tangents other participants had taken the subject and the online community feeling of creating together.

I like going back to poems and overtime crafting and shaping them till I feel they are ready and no more editing is required. With this version I think I’ve made it less dark and more coherent. What do you think?


Let me know your thoughts, leave a few words...

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