Journey of the interior

Earlier in 2018, I took part in the “Artists Way”; I meet up with like-minded creatives once a week to check in on our journey through Julia Cameron’s book “The Artist’s Way: A spiritual path to higher creativity!”. The morning pages are an important part of the process which I now enjoy as part of my morning routine. Reviewing my blog posts recently I’ve had the opportunity to begin looking back at my blogging journey to date. Over the next couple of weeks, I will be revisiting/reblogging a few of my old posts.

Wandering mango

Free writing: take 20 minutes to just write.

I’ve been on a journey my favourite type – visiting family. Some things appear to stay the same but step a little closer; things are different. But that’s the nature of progress, of life? Nothing stays the same at the very least things get older, they wear out, fall out of fashion, are no longer suitable for the purpose at hand. So we prepare to think ahead try to outwit life. The unexpected always happens though. Something to throw you off course permanently or just temporarily.
The results positive or negative depending on your point of view at the time.
Enjoy the way life introduces a detour and its then up to you to decide how far or how long the detour could take. I like travelling by train, the Glasgow to London journey feels like just the right amount of…

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