Me in Brittany crop

Welcome to my very small section of the internet!

I am a British-Nigerian writer and environmental professional.

Glasgowmango ? The original name of this blog came about because one of the first poems I wrote when I moved to Glasgow was The mango.

To date it’s been a really enjoyable blogging journey. My objectives are to write about things that interest me; this blog is my ongoing writing experiment. So far blogging has taken me down many different paths, it has been interesting to see the range of styles and interests that others blog about too. This blog has given me at times the opportunity to to think about the experiences, places and interesting people I’ve met in a lifetime that can often fade into the background due to deadlines, chores etc.

Thanks again for dropping by.

Peace πŸ™‚

P.S. I have moved south but still return to keep up with my Glasgow connections πŸ™‚ (Updated:2018)

I also have a new blog www.arikewriteswell.com which is in it’s early stages.

Twitter: @YAwrites

Images on this site are available under a Creative Commons license.


32 thoughts on “About

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  2. Thank you so much for the follow. I love your blog and cannot wait to get lost in it, especially the photos. I’m also feel a kinship with your background. I have British-Nigerian cousins as well :-). I know I am going to love this blog!

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