Weekly Photo Challenge: Grid

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Grid.”

Glass roof.

Glass roof.


A look back at flyers: A midsummers night’s dream from the East

A Midsummer Night's Dream from the East Flier

A Midsummer Night’s Dream from the East Flier


A visual and musical delight from start to finish, lovely costumes. I went to see this twice, really enjoyed it even though it was in Korean.



Click here for more info on the Yohangza Theatre Company and here for an interview with the creative producer recorded by the Globe Education Department. The company performed at the Globe Theatre as part of the 2012 Year of Shakespeare.

Photo Challenge: Letters

Nathan Coley 2 (3)

A lot of the time when I see interesting images of letters when I am out and about they can be often categorised as public art. This challenge made me think about the letters/words over the years that have made me stop and think…

Walking home one evening I came across this Nathan Coley installation and just had to take a picture of it. I felt it was a powerful piece of art. “There will be no miracles here” is a statement that I found difficult to walk past and not think,
Whats wrong with miracles?
Why should there be none in this location in time?

At the time it was located within the grounds of Edinburgh’s Dean Gallery now called Modern Two since 2011. I never got the chance to see what the installation looked like during the day time but it had a particular impact that evening.

Photo Challenge: Letters

On a visit to Sheffield a few years ago I spotted this poem by Andrew Motion on this Sheffield Hallam University building. It was nice to see poetry in a different context, it certainly made me stop and read for a while. The train station is at the bottom of the hill and I found it a nice welcome into the city.

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Weekly Photo Challenge; One shot, Two ways

On a recent trip to Edinburgh a friend recommended a visit to see this lovely installation “Wind Pipes for Edinburgh” by Sarah Kenchington, artist and musician.



Recycling decommissioned organ pipes sourced from salvage yards and eBay, Kenchington has constructed a fully interactive instrument.

Recycled organ Pipes!

Recycled organ Pipes!

The bellows are used to force air through the pipes which have individual levers enabling the participant to create a single note and or tune if they are so inclined!