Weekly Photo Challenge Review: Angular – Looking up (Nov 2014)

Reviewing some of my favourite photos from the former Daily Post Photo Challenge.

Lowry 02

Looking up inside The Lowry, Salford, Quays.
This post is in response to the Daily Post Weekly photo challenge: Angular.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale

Following a recent trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park a review of some of my photographs prompted questions of scale amongst friends, interest in a park most were unfamilar with, and plans for a return visit for myself. As you can imagine I took many pictures and have limited myself here to just two of the sculptures (Network By Thomas J Price and Caldera by Tony Cragg)  I really enjoyed viewing.

This is my entry for this weeks Daily Post Weekly Photo challenge: Scale.

Weekly photo challenge: Twist

Daily post photo challenge: Twist


At the covered entrance they asked if we would like a digital camera, walking into the next room there was complete darkness except for the multiple flashes of light coming from cameras and mobile phones. The only way to see the images was to take a picture of where you assumed the wall to be and then view the image taken on screen.

I really liked this twist on experiencing/viewing an artwork. The artist conveyed the process of not experiencing his trip first hand he only did this later when he was able to view the images. When taking photos at an event I try to find the right balance between experiencing the event in that moment and taking images that reflect what I like and hope to remember in the future. It can be a difficult balance…

This is an image from a trip to the Tate Liverpool. The artist is Pak Sheung Chuen, the work was “A Travel without Visual Experience (#2)”.

I took part in the Daily post Weekly photo challenge.