Weekly photo challenge: Symmetry

JW windows

This is my entry for the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

This image is from an evening last summer when a few friends and I went to see Perch  produced by Conflux part of the Glasgow Commonwealth Games Cultural celebrations. It was really interesting to see a space I was familiar with used in such a creative way, zip wires, crazy characters and aerial ballet dancer move along the side of a building. The windows were used as a projection screen for a live link up with Brazil and for the fun animation shown in the image above.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Express yourself

These dancers were dancing in response to the images and themes of the exhibition. It was great to watch the movement of the children within the piece and also how it inspired some of the children in the audience to take part  too :-).

I really enjoyed watching this contemporary dance performance experiencing how the  dancers communicated with the audience and their fluid ability to express themselves.

Images taken at Victoria Evans Standing stones Exhibition opening.

This is my response to this weeks Photo Challenge: Express Yourself

Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventures- A walk on the edge

A walk on the edge

A walk on the edge

This photograph evokes memories of a windy ridge walk.

Walking along the Tarmachan Ridge in Perthshire, Scotland was a new adventure. It was a location listed on my walking group calendar which was unfamiliar to me. As the walk progressed I was slightly concerned that perhaps we were not experiencing the best weather conditions to be undertaking a ridge walk! It was windy day but not enough to be dangerous to our group. The conditions added to my sense of trepidation of walking along the ridge high up in the hills (1044 metres); a fall would most likely cause some serious damage. The narrowest section of the ridge was about 15cms in width and took what seemed a few minutes to cross. I looked back along this section with relief. It was good to look back and to think about what had just been achieved. At test of my willingness to do something with a high amount of risk for an adventure into the unknown.

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Photo Challenge: On Top

Photo Challenge: On Top
An Island trip

Climbed to the top of Goatfell on Arran, Scotland, this seagull was enjoying the view too.

There are generally a couple of moments climbing or walking up mountains in Scotland, when I think “Why?” especially if its starts to rain or there are some particularly steep ascents. On reaching the top I am always happy I came; the catch up with friends and the breathe taking views make it all worth while.

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Weekly Photo challenge: Selfie

First a step in the warmish waters.

A day in the sun on Prestwick Beach, Ayrshire. I enjoy the shadow of the afternoon sun.

The melt

The melt

In a more classic Scottish location (one of the hills near Loch Lomond), the sun makes an appearance too.

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