19:15 A few short poses to go.

19:20 On the Rug, I settle into the long pose. Did I close the front window? Random thoughts/worries fly into my mind, it doesn’t take long to get back to Tony’s proposition.

I had thought we were both happy; settled even. I’d only recently stopped going to night classes but was still listening to the radio. Tony’s family really appreciate the effort I am making. So this was one tick for the yes campaign. But moving to a small remote village in France? I really would be testing my language skills.

He’s been offered the opportunity of a life time. My first instinct, well, my second or third was that I really shouldn’t rain on his parade. But he could see the panic in my eyes, it was shock. Before, the road ahead that had been rocky was seeming clear, this was a potential road block….

19:40 Jack begins to put the tape down marking my position; I grab my robe and my flask of hot chocolate. Taking a biscuit from the packet that’s being passed around, I spot Clare. Pushing thoughts of France to the back of my mind, I head over.

A short monologue written in response to a creative writing challenge.