Ankur Ha Ha Scratch night

It began…
Ankur Ha Ha project - ActorsImage by Arpita Shah.

In October 2013 a few scenes from a play I had written were performed as part of the Ankur Ha Ha Scratch night at the Tron Theatre, Glasgow. The Ankur experience pointed out details I would never have noticed alone, the support and expertise I encountered was really helpful in the on-going development of my skills as a writer.

Many thanks to
All at Ankur productions
Mentor – Shabina Aslam.
Production manager – Fi Johnston.
Tron Technician – Ryan Jones.
Dramaturg – Alan McKendrick.
Holly McFarlane
Rebecca Hardcastle
Ben Clifford
Brendan Hellier

My fellow Ankur Ha Ha artists on the night;
Iyad Hayatleh, a Palestinian poet who grew up in a Palestinian refugee camp in Syria in 1960.
Rachel Thibbotumunuwe, an artist, photographer, curator and arts educator based in Glasgow.
Ama Josephine and Nima Sene; Ama Josephine, a writer, musician and performance artist and Nima Sene, a performance artist and dancer with a text and movement based practice.
Bigg Taj and Ammie Sekhon; Bigg taj a beatboxer, singer, songwriter, producer, youth worker, actor and performer.and Ammie Sekhon, a film maker.
Rachel Jury, a writer, director, producer who works predominantly with text and music.