Theatre Programme Archives

What do you do with your old theatre programmes? For the last 10 years or so I’ve been keeping mine first in a folder and then in a box. My theatre programme and miscellaneous fliers of shows and exhibitions I want to remember are stored in a shoe like black padded box. The kind you buy rather than recycle from an actual shoe box which I do have too.
Well, I suppose because I am a blogger I thought it might be nice to upload them and reminisce about the time I went to see the show or exhibition. Try to remember what I liked about them; or if they perhaps set me on a different path that only now in reflection I can fully appreciate?
I uploaded them last summer so thought it was time I posted them. Most of the time when I go to the theatre or an exhibition there is generally something I can take from the show. During the process of uploading and thinking about how and why I would post them has meant that I‘ve renewed my interest in finding out about the writers, performers and the progress of the show and if there is any new work or recent work.
So another collection of programmes and fliers is assured.
I’ll be posting my favorites from my collection monthly starting in July. It would be great to see or read about other show fliers you would like to share too.

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