You are water that knows how to put me out…

Following a recent trip to Europe (Belgium and France),  I spent four days listening to presentations and workshops in English,  I felt very fortunate.  I am now really motivated to improve my language skills! I studied French for five years at school and have used it occasionally over the years, I took evening classes in Spanish about 10 years ago and enjoy sharing my favourite words in German following a year of lessons also at school.  So I am actively looking to start lessons/conversation exchange soon. It seems wise to start with French! If you have any tips?  put them in the comments section.

Whilst visiting friends I was introduced to  Eros Ramazzotti’s music and some other popular Italian singers. (Another language to get familiar with! I found the translation website really useful.)

Really love this duet Ramazotti did with Nicole Scherzinger, its a lovely blend of their voices and I love the video; it has also been a long time since I a posted on the theme “Song for a Sunday”!