Weekly Photo Challenge: Narrow

Rigde walk Chilterns

Looking South thoughts from the working day float away

Now they are moored on the word tomorrow.

My eyes soak in the greenery below,  and slowly drift to the clouds in the far distance

The clear sky directly above mirrors my mind.

Feet turn west following the path along the ridge-way to unknown views

the sun will soon set. (Narrow)



Weekly Photo Challenge: Spare

My entry this week for the theme Spare is an image from a  recent walk to The Whangie in the Kilpatrick Hills, Scotland. The first time I came here we completely missed this geological feature, subsequent trips have been more successful. The Whangie formed as a result of glacial erosion and appears as a tall rock corridor on the side of the hill. Along the walk we had views of Loch Lomond, the Highlands and the Campsies.

The Whangie 2

The Whangie