Because the lie becomes the truth….

I came across Dinachi Onuzo a few years ago she was one of the acts providing music for a night billed as bringing together “eight of the most vibrant, versatile and exciting Nigerian poets living and working in England as part of the Roundhouse’s celebration of Black History Month”. The night did not disappoint and it was lovely to discover new music from Dinachi. I really love this cover.


You are water that knows how to put me out…

Following a recent trip to Europe (Belgium and France),  I spent four days listening to presentations and workshops in English,  I felt very fortunate.  I am now really motivated to improve my language skills! I studied French for five years at school and have used it occasionally over the years, I took evening classes in Spanish about 10 years ago and enjoy sharing my favourite words in German following a year of lessons also at school.  So I am actively looking to start lessons/conversation exchange soon. It seems wise to start with French! If you have any tips?  put them in the comments section.

Whilst visiting friends I was introduced to  Eros Ramazzotti’s music and some other popular Italian singers. (Another language to get familiar with! I found the translation website really useful.)

Really love this duet Ramazotti did with Nicole Scherzinger, its a lovely blend of their voices and I love the video; it has also been a long time since I a posted on the theme “Song for a Sunday”!

Disobedient Dress?



My sister brought this video presentation by  Dr Christine Shaw- Checinska to my attention.

It’s interesting to me because it offers different points of view about the impact of the clothes we wear.

New to me

Term – Seasoning –  transition of subject to object (Slave trade)

Film – “Boy in the striped pyjamas ” (One to watch?)